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Different Types Of Diary Writing

For example, a personal diary is best for writing your thoughts and feelings, and a bedside diary or a notebook for writing ideas which you get at night. This is highly personalized and depends on person to person.

  • Travel Diary. Travel diary, or also known as Travelogue, are records written about the travel experiences. Reflective Diary. A reflective journal to track your experiences and a space for you to pour out your feelings. Gratitude Diary. A gratitude journal to write a list of things you are grateful for today. Dream Diary.

  • There you will find some topics and methods to write your diary. 1. Freewriting Freewriting is a process of mechanical noting all the thoughts appearing in your head during a certain period of time (10-20 minutes). It is.

  • Different types of diaries. Personal diary. Secret diary. Anonymous diary. Diet diary. Dream diary. Sleep diary. Travel diary. Fictional diary.


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