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Elect Lady Yolanda E. McPherson

            I’m extremely blessed to say that I’ve been apart of the history of such a GREAT church. I’m waiting with bated breath and with an out reached head, looking for the greatness of our God to continually manifest itself (En) greatness of The Historic Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church. Thank God for our Bishop! He is faithfully committed, steadfast and delights in the Real Alive Word of God, and in doing the Will of the Lord. Our Bishop preaches and teaches under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and rightfully divides the Real Alive Word of God.


           We as Sinites are so blessed of the Lord to have a Bishop/ Shepard in Bishop B.C., who possesses a true Shepard’s heart, a servant that constantly gives and never asks for anything in return. Continue to pray for our Bishop, that God will continue \to bless him in the ministry as we follow him, as we continue to grow closer to Christ Jesus.

I love each one of you and pray God’s blessings upon you all!

- Elect Lady Yolanda E. McPherson

Elect Lady Yolanda E. McPherson, a native of Dallas, Texas, is a retired teacher of 32 years. Serving, paving ways and changing lives in both Dallas and Arlington ISD. She's also a Distinguished member of the Delta Sigma Theta, Inc and an active member of the Arlington Alumnae Chapter.

Elect Lady has served on boards for the Southern Baptist of Texas State Convention as well. Serving as the first African American woman to be appointed as State Recording Secretary, for two consecutive years.


Elect Lady continues to be a beacon in the community, as she serves as Co-Chair of Delta GEMS, is an active pioneer and advocate for Mansfield ISD teachers and students, and continues to provide Christian mentorship to woman of all ages.

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