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"Inroduction: What makes you tick on the inside" What keeps you going when things in life are Cruel, Crazy and Corrupt? How do you hold yourself together when things at home, on the job, in the family are constantly trying to pull you apart? What keeps you together?... You see, there has to be (for right now I'll call it 'Something'on the inside of you that spurs you when you feel like stopping; that continues you when you feel choked; that something on the inside that when you are faced with Hindrance, Hesitate and Halt, you still keep on Happening. It's Internal Evidence!" - Bishop B.C. McPherson II

"Confidence in the Midst of Conflict" Psalms 27:13-14

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Bishop B.C. McPherson II's complete personal sermon manuscript (with notes) from the sermon, "Confidence in the Midst of Conflict".

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