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"Introduction: ... Looking back at the mistakes, blunders and bruises of your life, changed you; arguments whether won or lost, took a toll on you; fights and frustructions took something out of you. (Anybody?) Life often does not provide "Do Overs" or does it allows us to erase the blackboard of life, but wouldn't it be great to get a "Fresh Start"?... The Key is, when you change the "Inside" the "Outside" will change! Jesus says in Matthew 23, the extortion comes from the inside, hypocrisy, from the inside; but in Mark 7 Jesus got specifc: All evil things come within, out of the heart!..." -Bishop B.C. McPherson II

"New Again" Ezekiel 18:31-32

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  • Bishop B.C. McPherson II's complete personal sermon manuscript (with notes) from the sermon, "New Again".

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